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How to do shopping

The shop is created so that the order is as easy as possible and it includes seven simple and clear steps.

1. First of all of course you have to choose the goods you are interested in. There are two possible ways how to do it. The fist way is going through the single categories of menu at the left part of the sides. You will find the product requested by clicking. For easier navigation the category of products you are in just now remains marked in left menu. The second possible way is to use the browser located up on the left. You just enter the name of product you are interested in and confirm by “ENTER”.

2. Next step is to put the goods chosen into the shopping basket. You can do than by clicking on icon with shopping basket in the list of single products or in the detail of the product after you choose the dimension and quantity requested. Subsequently the goods chosen by you will appear in the basket. You can continue shopping by choosing another category or by the key “CONTIUNE SHOPPING”. Content of the basket can be checked anytime during shopping by clicking the icon of „SHOPPING BASKET” up on the right.

3. If you chose all the goods requested and transferred it to your shopping basket, click on the icon “SHOPPING BASKET” up on the right. Overview of goods chosen will appear. You can here modify the quantity or you can eliminate some items from the order by clicking on icon “X” in the column “DELETE”. You can easily change number of pieces by manual filling in the column “NUMBER OF PIECES” and the final price will be recalculated automatically. If you agree with the content of basket, you click on “CONTINUE ORDER”.

4. On next page you will see the form in browser, where you should carefully fill in the fields requested for delivery address and invoice address.

5. On this page you are offered the way of transport and payment including all the details. The quickest way of payment is to use PayPal system, where money sent by you is immediately put down to the account and the goods you ordered is given the priority for delivery. It can be used not only by customers having created the account at PayPal company but also those who have never used such a way of payment. You just need any payment or credit card to the current account. If you want to continue the order, it is necessary to agree the rules of our shop by ticking the field” I have read the business conditions and I agree with them”. You can move to the final step by clicking on “CONTINUE ORDER”.

6. The last step of the order is its recapitulation. Check here carefully all the parameters of the order. If you needed to make change in any of the previous steps, you would go back by clicking on keys “1” to “4” which differentiate the single steps of the order in the upper part of its overview. If everything is as you wish, click on “FINISH ORDER”. The order is finished, binding and goods have been ordered. You will receive a copy of the order on your e-mail address.

7. Now you have in front of you the information about sending the order and instructions how to pay following the way of payment chosen in step 5. If you chose the payment using PayPal system, the key “Buy Now” will appear which you have also available in the confirmation e-mail together with your order. After clicking on this key the registration page of PayPal system will appear including all the payment data. For new users there is a link “Continue checkout” which moves you to the registration.

In case of any uncertainty or comments to our shop functionality do not hesitate to contact us.

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